6 front bars in Moscow checked by us

Express services in the field of beauty remain the most in demand. Because the time in our time is the most precious thing we have. There is no more time for long meetings in beauty salons, and sometimes even the desire. I would like to do everything quickly and efficiently, without waiting in a long queue. Fortunately, demand creates supply, so there are quite a few such beauty spaces in Moscow. We’ve talked about the studios with quick facials before (see the list here), and now we’ve marked the best eyebrow bars on the city map, where shaping and coloring the eyebrows won’t take much. time, and the result will be perfect (all masters work quickly and efficiently).

Lately there are a lot of stars and influencers in this place. Most people like the convenient location (the chain has four salons in the city center) and express services, the main one being eyebrow shaping and tinting. Also on the menu for eyebrow transformation there is a complex of eyebrow architecture, long-term styling of eyebrows, permanent eyebrow makeup. Bonus: eco-products without chemical components or additives.

The price of eyebrow architecture is 2100 rubles.

The highlight of the Brow Beauty Bar is the author’s brow architecture technique, which studio ideological mastermind Grigoryan Ripa has been working on for over three years. Now all the spacebenders are working on it, showing the before and after results on Instagram. The fair is located in Yablochkova Street, you can register by phone or online. The service menu also includes eyelash, lip and wax therapy procedures.

The price of eyebrow architecture is 1500 rubles.

The Amelia Brow Bar on Marosseika specializes in a variety of eyebrow treatments. The menu of services includes all the fashionable procedures: eyebrow brightening (the trend of recent seasons), keratin eyebrow lamination, eyebrow nano-spray, and recently there was a new product – eyebrow happiness .

The price for shaping and coloring the eyebrows is 1,500 rubles.

Brow & Go in the Aviapark shopping center is an option for those who are always in a hurry. You can access the walk-in procedures (the queue will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes), the same amount of correction lasts without staining. Masters work quickly, but efficiently.

The price for shaping eyebrows is 850 rubles.

Another bro-bar, accessible without appointment and combined with shopping. The spaces are in the Sephora network and ILE DE BEAUTE in the Benefit corners and of course the artisans work with the brand’s resources. Products for styling the eyebrows are especially good – all kinds of volume gels, shadows in mini-formats. Another bonus is frequent promotions and discounts, which you can follow on the website and social media.

The price for shaping eyebrows is 999 rubles.

One of the first eyebrow bars in our country, which was opened in 2014 by Veronika Sidorova (now she is also engaged in psychology and owns the service with the services of psychologists “Answer”). Brow Up! – five studios in shopping centers in Moscow. In addition to the programs for the eyebrows, the menu offers services for eyelashes and lips, day or evening make-up, make-up courses, euspress hairdressing.

The price for the design of eyebrows is 950 rubles.

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