8 gentle body scrubs to prepare the skin for a tan

We never tire of warning: the sun can be dangerous, so leaving your home without SPF is a big risk. And if you dream of a beautiful tan, then sunbathing is done strictly before noon and after 4:00 p.m. (but also with an SPF cream). The next steps in achieving a tanned complexion are to eat right (we’ve covered the foods that help you get a better tan here) and prep your skin with scrubs. Cosmetologists and dermatologists advise rubbing no more than 2-3 times a week, and during the holidays, when you often sunbathe, use exceptionally gentle products that do not hurt the skin.

BeautyHack.ru has chosen the most delicate and light textured scrubs that will definitely come in handy this summer.

Melting body scrub with camellia oil and copay balm, Botavikos

This scrub has not only a soft and melting texture, but also a 100% natural composition. The ingredients include sugar crystals and crushed walnut shells which gently cleanse the body; camellia oil and vitamins A, B and E, with anti-aging, nourishing and regenerating properties; as well as red clay and cinnamon pollen with anti-inflammatory properties. The aroma of a product based on essential oils of jasmine, geranium and frankincense is also attractive.

Price: 380 rubles.

Origins Ginger Softening Body Scrub

The trick of this scrub is its texture, which turns into a creamy foam on contact with damp skin. Sea salt is responsible for cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing – lime, orange, bergamot and macadamia oils, for an invigorating and refreshing aroma – ginger extracts.

Price: 3150 rubles.

“Almond” body exfoliating paste, L’Occitane

The scrub paste with crushed walnut shells and sugar removes dead skin cells. And thanks to the almond oil, the product softens, also moisturizes, gives a delicate aroma that stays on the skin for a long time.

Price: 3,900 rubles.

Gentle body scrub Geranium & Walnut, Jo Malone

The product contains particles of nut shells, sunflower seeds and shea butter. Jo Malone says it’s great for a light scrub and it’s great even for very sensitive skin. The scent of the scrub consists of fresh notes of geranium combined with the unexpected warmth of a walnut.

Price: from 1950 rubles.

Gentle body scrub, Diptical

In addition to scents, look for a gentle body scrub at Diptique. The silicon microspheres gently cleanse the skin, leaving it silky; jasmine extracts add radiance, and a nourishing blend of macadamia, pomegranate and peach oils hydrates, nourishes and slows down the aging process.

Price: 6950 rubles.

Body scrub with lime and ginger salt, Elemis

As its name suggests, this scrub combines sea salt with lime and ginger extracts. In addition, camellia and jojoba oils are added to the composition. The product gently exfoliates, nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin. And its aroma with exotic notes transforms personal care into a SPA ritual.

Price: 4400 rubles.

Body scrub with salt 133 Vildros, L: A Bruket

Another body scrub with sea salt. But now the benevolent oils of wild rose and macadamia have been added to it. The product is easily absorbed, nourishes and stimulates cell regeneration.

Price: 4350 rubles.

Gentle body scrub Body, Avène

The Avène manufacturers assure that this scrub has been specially designed for sensitive skin: it gently cleanses, regenerates and nourishes perfectly. The product formula contains cellulose-based microgranules obtained from the wood of trees grown under environmentally friendly conditions, as well as jojoba wax microgranules, an oil-soothing complex and thermal water from the brand.

Price: 850 rubles.


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