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Lancaster Hydrating Hand Cream Softening and moisturizing hand cream at the price of 1194 rubles buy in the online store Ile de Beaute, art 99350090784

Buy Lancaster moisturizing hand cream softening and moisturizing hand cream in the official online store of the ILE DE BEAUTE chain at an affordable price from 1194 to 1194 rubles. Delivery to Moscow and Russia (free, subject to relevant promotions). Moisturizing Hand Cream A softening and moisturizing hand cream from Lancaster in the Moisturizer catalog … Read more

SEPHORA COLLECTION Express make-up remover price from 493 rubles buy in the online cosmetics store ILE DE BEAUTE, make-up art 330661SE

→ SEPHORA COLLECTION Express makeup remover for nail polish at the price of 493-580 rubles buy in the official online store of makeup remover ILE DE BOTE❤. SEPHORA COLLECTION presents Express Make-up Remover in the Make-up Removal category of the Make-up catalog. ✔ Order means to remove makeup and cleanse facial skin from cosmetics online … Read more

Eau de Toilette ACQUA DI GIO HOMME

The Acqua di Gio man is in harmony with nature and himself. The scent, which has absorbed all the energy of the sea, gives it strength and energy. This fragrance expresses the riot of the sea, it is a little “salty”, like the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, we also hear notes of bergamot, persimmon, … Read more

we are talking about injections to hydrate the skin and which device to choose

Hydrated and glowing skin is always relevant, timeless and timeless. To achieve the most vivid effect, it is necessary to work in this direction in a complex way. But there are some basic steps that no protocol can do without. Yulia Maksimova, cosmetologist and dermatovenerologist at the Quantum Qlinic Clinic, told in more detail. … Read more