favorite procedures of Katya Domankova, helping to prolong youth

I visit the beauty salon frequently, but 2020 has made its own tweaks to my established system. In nine months I only did a few out-of-home care, so at the end of the year the desire to go back to the usual approach was not just a desire, but a necessity. It was just that time of year when it was possible to do hardware procedures without risking gaining pigmentation.

Speaking of my routine, I can’t help but notice that each year the visits to the beautician are less and less pleasant. Those who are seen as relaxing today were once truly encouraging and rewarding. Today, the time devoted to these interventions: massages, microcurrents, masks, is the most pleasant. Of course, the result of them is there and is noticeable. But not extended. These treatments help to relax, refresh the complexion, tone or soothe the skin. But after 30, more serious ones started to be added. Those that help slow physiological aging.

This year I have resorted to the following:

Nithiya PRX + collagen peel

I really like the PRX peel. For the fact that it works perfectly and, unlike other similar procedures, does so imperceptibly. The manufacturer positions it as a peel that can be done at any time of the year. But it is even better to limit yourself to a period when the sun is not too aggressive. With proper hydration after the procedure, there is not even a micro peel. PRX visibly improves skin tone and color. I can safely say that this is one of my favorite effective procedures that does not require a recovery period.

I have twice combined PRX with Nithiya collagen injections. My skin always recovers long after the injections: the vessels are close, so bruising can never be avoided. This circumstance is easy to survive if you see a good result, as in my case, for example, with Curacen. I can’t say this about Nithiya – I didn’t see a noticeable effect.

Alma Nir laser

The procedure activates the processes of neocollagenesis: new collagen fibers are formed, the skin becomes more elastic, the lifting effect is visually noticeable. It also improves the microcirculation of the skin and the lymph: the metabolism in the cell is accelerated, which makes the skin glowing, improves its color and appearance. After the procedure, the microburns remain as a fine mesh, visible only up close.

Alma Nir is an excellent alternative to aggressive peels

I was happy with the result. In my case, the laser worked well in the areas close to the nose (in these places my skin is prone to rosacea and redness): the pores have closed, the redness bother me much less often, the skin has become a lot less responsive.

Alma Clear Lift laser + PRP therapy (plasma lift)

One of the most effective lasers for young skin. It restores the structure of the dermis by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The procedure can be done at any time of the year, it is completely painless and does not require a recovery period.

The laser can be combined with a large number of other cosmetic procedures: from Botox injections to laser resurfacing

The doctor prescribed me a series of four procedures, two of which I combined with a plasma lift. I was very happy with the result. In addition to the facelift, a decrease in the depth of wrinkles is evident: on the forehead and around the eyes, they have become less visible.

Ultra-fit device

Ultraformer is a focused ultrasound that acts on the SMAS system to tighten and lift tissue. I did an intervention for the knees and the abdomen. I wanted to tone the skin in these places. On the stomach – for obvious reasons: three pregnancies left their mark in the form of skin devoid of turgor. I wanted to do something with the area above the knee for a long time, I tried to put lipolytic in these places, but the toning effect was not significant.

I cannot yet say how effective this procedure has been. Ultraformer does not give quick results. But already now, three weeks after the operation, the skin of the knee has thickened noticeably. The tightening process continues and will soon give even better results. On the abdomen, it’s already there, but so far not as obvious as on the legs. I believe that one or more procedures will be necessary to achieve the desired result.

I can’t tell you which of the procedures has proven to be the most effective for me – they all work in combination. And although they give visible results, the most important is different. The work that is done in cells through these processes, first of all, slows down the aging process. This means that it allows you to look younger than your age for a long time and helps delay more serious intervention for a long time. Remember that you need to see a beautician before the first signs of aging become noticeable.


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