Full Face Makeup Brush Set

The SEPHORA COLLECTION face brush set includes 4 basic brushes for a perfect complexion and a handbag to take with you wherever you go.

What type of makeup is the kit suitable for?

This handy set of 4 brushes is specially designed for full makeup. From foundation and powder to concealer, blush and contouring, each brush is designed to make up your face and achieve a different finish, whether matte, radiant or natural. The brushes are packaged in a reusable cardboard box. They also come with a washable cotton pouch so you can take your brushes with you wherever you go.

This set of brushes has been designed with responsible manufacturing in mind:

• Plastic outer packaging replaced by cardboard packaging.

• The brushes are vegan because the bristles are made of synthetic fibers.

• Cardboard and brush handles made from wood sourced from sustainable forest management areas

• The packaging can be reused for storing brushes.


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