Heavenly delight: slows down aging, hydrates the skin and makes you think of the tropics

What are your main associations with coconut? It is surely snow-white sand, an azure ocean, a bright cocktail with an umbrella and the atmosphere of an eternal vacation. So it is: the aroma of juicy pulp alone takes us to the tropics. I want to put on a bikini and expose my face to the sun. However, it is not for nothing that in the countries of Africa, Asia and South America, the palm tree is called the tree of life. This is because its nuts have a much more applied value, they are used absolutely everywhere: both in nutrition and in the field of beauty.

It’s now coconut – one of the world’s hottest superfoods that everyone is familiar with. The exotic fruit is added to the PP diet, healthy drinks and used in beauty products as a powerful regenerating and moisturizing ingredient. But several centuries ago, only the natives knew about its miraculous properties: they moisturize the skin and hair with its oil, whiten their teeth and protect themselves from the sun.

Coconut is a source of vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and nutrients that have a positive effect on the condition of the skin: folic acid, potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iodine and lauric acid

It is no coincidence that a Polish cosmetics company, whose products are known in more than 70 countries, created a collection with only this component in its composition. Eveline Cosmetics’ new rich coconut facial care line is formulated with sea salt and raspberry extract, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. But the star of the line is organic coconut oil. And besides, the products are suitable for everyone: the brand presented five products for different skin types that nourish, hydrate and slow down the aging process.

Most importantly, all new products are created according to a vegan recipe with a cruelty-free formula – natural and organic products are not tested on animals.


Copra, a thick layer of white coconut flesh, produces oil, extract, and many fatty acids, which are used to create cosmetics.

Thanks to fatty acids, coconut oil helps hydrate the skin, strengthens its hydrolipidic barrier and protects against the harmful effects of the sun. And – yes, coconut products in a short time are able to remove dryness and peeling of the skin, as well as nourish and protect against harmful atmospheric influences. On vacation, when you travel a lot, do not always keep your consumption balanced, get caught in dust storms and stay in the sun for a long time, this is extremely important.

Apply pure coconut oil to your body and face and apply an overnight mask to your hair – this will ideally help with hydration and even save dehydrated skin.

What to put in a cosmetic bag

Moisturizing micellar water with coconut for make-up removal from the face, eyes and lips

For all skin types, including sensitive skin

Eveline Cosmetics micellar water cleanses and tones the skin, removing even waterproof makeup. The product is based on organic coconut water and contains 96% natural ingredients. The unique formula restores the skin’s natural pH balance, leaving it pleasantly fresh and hydrated.

What are the feelings after? As if you had just washed yourself with spring water

Intensely Moisturizing Coconut Face Cream

For all skin types, including sensitive skin

In addition to organic coconut oil, rich coconut cream contains sea salt, which effectively eliminates signs of irritation; regenerating raspberry extract; camu camu, which, thanks to its high content of vitamin C, acts as a powerful antioxidant and gives skin radiance; Moisturizing hyaluronic acid and probiotics protect the skin’s natural microbiome. The cream deeply hydrates the skin and smoothes wrinkles by eliminating signs of fatigue.

Do you know that pleasant feeling when you hydrate your skin with natural oils? It’s the same here, but with no sticky effect and no pore clogging.

Multi-nutritional coconut face cream

For dry and sensitive skin

Rich Coconut Multi-Nutritional Coconut Face Cream is rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as trace elements and amino acids. All this “cocktail” gives elasticity to the skin. The composition of mango and sweet almond oils smoothes the skin of the face, giving it shine and a healthy appearance. Goya berries slow down the aging process and neutralize the effects of free radicals. The cream also prevents dehydration and dryness, moisturizes and leaves the skin velvety and soft.

Rich and Nourishing Coconut Eye Cream

For all skin types, including sensitive skin

Organic coconut oil and shea butter are responsible for nourishing and revitalizing the skin. Caffeine eliminates puffiness, banana extract reduces the appearance of fine lines and redness. The product penetrates quickly and effectively eliminates signs of fatigue. Even if you’ve been dancing around the campfire the night away on the beach!

Soft foam for washing

For all skin types, including sensitive skin

The cleansing foam contains organic coconut water, which eliminates impurities and excess sebum, as well as raspberry and lemon extracts, which enrich the skin with vitamins, giving it radiance and softness.

Even if you are still far from vacationing on distant islands, this tool will make you look like you have just returned from vacation! After all, heavenly delight is not only an opportunity to relax, but also the ability to pamper yourself when there are deadlines and continuous intercourse all around.


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