learned what lip steins are and found the top 10 products

The mugs were invented in South Korea. Their most important feature is a very good durability and a rich coating that comes off evenly on the lips: from a state of brilliant shine to tint. For this reason, you can decide for yourself what effect you want to achieve on the lips. It is preferable to remove the steins with a two-phase product. Nowadays, different brands manufacture similar products. Someone has the word Stain in the name, someone calls them varnish pigments, liquid lipsticks, and lip gels. The main selection criterion is that you should be comfortable living the day with this product and that it should not dry out your lips.

Liquid Pigment for Lip and Cheek Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain, Benefit

It is the brand’s bestseller. The tint is liquid, like water, but it applies comfortably, does not extend beyond the lips, if you make light, sharp strokes, like using nail polish. The hue is saturated, so it is important to paint all the lips with a brush. Even if at first it seems to you that there is no color, later all the deviations will be noticeable.

On the lips, it is not felt at all. Dry lips can even make it worse. But its main advantage is resilience. The pigment remains after a day in heat, dinner, kissing. Of course, it will become less shiny, but maybe it will be even better – get the natural effect of kissed lips.

Price: 1,372 rubles.

Water Lip Stain Pigment, Сlarins

A slimy, oily shade with a berry aroma, but no sugar. The product is easily distributed on the lips, after a minute the pigment is completely absorbed, but the shade remains moderately bright and juicy. Won’t dry out lips, but it doesn’t hydrate lips either, so apply the balm one hour before use.

Available in six shades.

Price: 925 rubles.

Gel tint Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Ice Cream, Etude House

Fun packaging and quite interesting product inside. It has a gel texture, so the first time the product will look like a lip gloss. Not as persistent as liquid pigments, but generally well layered and evenly peeled off. Therefore, after a few hours, the same Stein effect appears. Initially, the brand released a lot of shades, but now it has to look for them in Russia. We found an interesting color in L’Etoile.

Price: 469 rubles.

Super Stay Matte Ink Matte Liquid Lipstick – Maybelline New York

Super Stay Matte ink is heat and meal safe. You don’t need to use a pencil to trace the outline, the lipstick has a handy applicator. It doesn’t stick or tighten the skin much, but like any product with a matte finish it is still felt on the lips.

At the same time, keep in mind that lipstick is absorbed by the lips – in the evening you will need to remove it with a two-phase product. Good for its price! Separately, we drew attention to the large palette – it’s easy to choose your color.

Price: 373 rubles.

Serial Kisser lacquer lip tint with volume effect, BUXOM

A lot of people expect this product to be a long lasting shine, but let’s be honest: it doesn’t happen. Until the first meal, you can walk with shine, then the product will turn into a hue and be with you until the end of the day. The composition contains menthol, therefore Serial Kisser slightly enlarges the lips. You may feel a feeling of cold and tingling. For this property, some people compare it to the Dior Maximizer, but then draw their own conclusions.

Price: 1,199 rubles.

Stein Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, Christian Dior

The product has a creamy texture. In order for the shade to lay evenly, it is better to apply several layers, and it is good that the lips are pre-hydrated. A few minutes after application, the texture will not be felt – the color penetrates the skin, colors it and, so to speak, emphasizes the natural tone. I like that the product does not dry out the lips at all, even if it holds on firmly. It’s really comfortable to use.

Price: 3,000 rubles.

Lip Velvet Crush, Burberry

Unusual remedy with a cushion-shaped applicator. The lipstick itself looks like oil in texture, but is easy to apply. For the effect of kissed lips, you can blot the lipstick with a tissue. Either way, the natural shade of your lips will be visible. The product is not super resistant, you can wash it with micellar water. It looks natural on the lips – that’s why we love it.

Price: 2,309 rubles.

Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream vinyl-effect lip polish, YSL

Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream is a cross between a gloss gloss and a shade. Immediately after application, a luminous and comfortable finish is left on the lips. Over time, this layer fades and remains a creamy texture that enhances the natural color of the lips. If you want to get this effect right away, simply blot the polish with a towel. The tool is presented in 10 shades.

Price: 1,564 RUB.

Radiant Gel Lip Stain Lip Gel, elf Cosmetics

In Russia, the vegan brand elf is not represented, but it is, for example, on iHerb – keep an eye on the assortment. The product does not give a dense coating, it is rather a tint effect. Therefore, the gel can be applied as a base for other glosses or just to make them a little more expressive. Or you can use it as a blush.

Price on request

Versicolour Vernis Crème Lip Stain lip gloss, MAC

Glossy “hybrid” with beautiful trendy shades that adapt well to the lips. The main thing is to apply quickly, because the product immediately begins to harden. At the same time, it can also be layered: more layers – more density, which means that you can achieve both the effect of gloss and lipstick on your lips. The mug does not stick, does not spread, does not dry out and lasts a very long time.

Price: 1,128 rubles.


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