Les Exceptions Fantasquatic Eau de Parfum

MUGLER Les Exceptions, a series of unique fragrances that pay homage to a family of phenomenal fragrances: floral, chypre, musky and oriental.

With the new Les Exceptions Fantasquatic fragrance, MUGLER redefines the aquatic family of fragrances to create an extraordinary encounter. Deep and mysterious, with an intense minerality, the wave of marine freshness transforms and comes alive when it meets the striking contrast of woody amber notes.

An unexpected visitor from another time, the papyrus accord reveals an enveloping sensuality with woody, spicy and almost leathery nuances. Aquatic freshness with an almost breathtaking sensitivity.

MUGLER Les Exceptions Fantasquatic is a unisex fragrance in an Art Deco bottle that demonstrates the particular architectural elegance of Maison MUGLER.

When perfumery meets the unusual.

A collection of fragrances with an exceptional character, Les Exceptions reinvents the main olfactory families of fine perfumery, breaking their classic structure through creative and daring combinations with unexpected ingredients.


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