life tips that saved me from rashes and uneven tone in a month

Editor-in-chief Natalia Kapitsa gave up sweets for a month, ate two servings of green vegetables a day, and included flax seeds in her diet. And now I am ready to share my findings.

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I have very problematic skin. As a teenager, she remembered with a characteristic glow and rashes once a week. In adulthood, she began to behave very unpredictably, going from very dry to very oily. Rashes were also felt after any gastronomic disgrace. Seeing again on the left cheek “calling her foundation”, I decided to conduct an experiment, normalizing nutrition and changing care. After a month, the skin was unrecognizable – it glowed, shone and looked smooth and healthy.


I’m hardly ever thirsty. With enthusiasm and joy, I only drink coffee and ginger lemonade. But for the normalization of metabolic processes, water was necessary. And this has become the main problem in the preparation of the diet. Putting it 8 glasses a day was not part of my ideas and my healthy lifestyle. I started to look for an alternative. And I found it in one of the supermarkets. There, small bottles entered my field of vision – water with the scent of raspberries and lemon. It was she who became salvation. Jars with a volume of 250 ml appeared on the desk, in the car and in the refrigerator. This helped establish a drinking regimen.

In the daily diet, all fast carbohydrates, even those considered useful – honey, for example, have been sent to the “trash”. They gave way to green salad. Kale + arugula + spitz + celery + flax seeds – this is what the formula looked like. Sometimes I replaced it with a parsley and kiwi smoothie. I ate twice a day, but in large portions, excluding snacks, and taking a 15 hour break between the first and last meals.

Before going to bed, I always took a probiotic to normalize the microflora and restore immunity in the intestines.


On the advice of my beautician, I bought an ultrasonic facial cleansing device, which I did twice a week using a septomerine antiseptic. There are many similar gadgets on the market with different price ranges. But the principle of operation does not depend on the cost: the devices gently remove the stratum corneum of the skin and remove the sebaceous plugs from each pore. Household appliances differ in the power of 0.5-2 W / cm².

In addition to cleansing, I used roller peels with AHA and BHA acids twice a week, and every day I added panthenol to the moisturizer – it has excellent healing and regenerating properties. The product is sold at any drugstore and can be used for body care, including.

The beautician also advised to wipe your face with Biologique Recherche’s P50 solution in the evening. It has an excellent exfoliating composition: malic, phytic, salicylic and gluconolactone acids. It could thus replace almost all care products for problem skin. But it is better to consult a specialist – the lotion is sold in different strengths and can cause dryness and peeling.

If rashes and inflammation appeared on the skin, I applied sulfur ointment or Sudocrem with a similar principle of action.


For a month, I went to the public baths every week, without using scrubs and other traditional means for this place. After each visit to the sauna at home, I used darsonval – the same one prescribed for our mothers. The principle of operation of the device is based on exposure to high-frequency impulse currents. It can be used without restriction.


The result exceeded all my expectations! The oily reflections and post-acne marks are gone. The skin has acquired a beautiful tone and a healthier appearance. The inflammation and rashes stopped appearing even during hormonal refills in the body. And during the experience, I developed a number of useful habits, which I certainly will not give up now.


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