Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory Eau de parfum for men price from 5018 rubles buy in the online perfumery ILE DE BEAUTE, perfume art 65164674

Invictus Victory – The scent of a winner.

The perfume of triumph, inseparable from the name Invictus Victory, the Paco Rabanne saturated eau de parfum.

The new fragrance embodies the duality of opposing forces: freshness and richness. On the one hand – a dazzling freshness, embodied in an invigorating citrus accord. A masculine and versatile fragrance. On the other, saturation, where the sweetness of vanilla notes is complemented by sweet tonka bean accords, creating a mysterious, soothing and bewitching effect.

Final note: Fresh, oriental, addictive, with an irreversibly bewitching trail that is bewitching. A new version of Paco Rabanne’s iconic perfume. Simply unstoppable.

Winner’s cup, captivating trophy, unconditional reward, deep black bottle: Invictus Victory, towering over a majestic pedestal. The bottle sparkles with the seal of triumph engraved on the bottle: a golden V for Victory.

The victory is in your hands.


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