Platinum Delux Cosmtics ® Moisturizer with Retinol 50ml/1.07 Jar Box

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This day  Platinum Delux Cosmtics ®cream hydrates the skin making it feel smooth and comfortable, all while protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun. The secret lies in the Dunaliella Salina seaweed, harvested from the Dead Sea. The B-Carotene found in the seaweed provides protection against damages from the sun, and can sharply improve the texture of the skin.


From the  Platinum Delux Cosmtics ® Collection.This unctuous cream,
 Platinum Delux Cosmtics ® velvety and melting, rehydrates the epidermis and regenerates the skin’s hydration barrier. Applied  Platinum Delux Cosmtics ® regularly, Moisturizing With a Cream reduces the appearance of skin aging associated with modern life and revitalizes the epidermis. 50ml/1.07 Jar Box

How to use:Morning and/or evening, apply to the face and neck after the serum.

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