we are talking about injections to hydrate the skin and which device to choose

Hydrated and glowing skin is always relevant, timeless and timeless. To achieve the most vivid effect, it is necessary to work in this direction in a complex way. But there are some basic steps that no protocol can do without.

Yulia Maksimova, cosmetologist and dermatovenerologist at the Quantum Qlinic Clinic, told BeautyHack.ru in more detail.

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Yulia Maksimova

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Why does the skin need a biorevitalization procedure?

Firstly, we restore the level of hydration of the tissues through the intradermal administration of drugs based on hyaluronic acid in combination with amino acids, peptides and vitamins, in other words, drugs for bio- revitalization. Hyaluronic acid is normally produced in every person, but under the influence of internal and external factors, its concentration decreases, hence the appearance of symptoms such as dry skin, a decrease in its tone and elasticity , the appearance of fine wrinkles.

And secondly, we achieve high-quality restoration of the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin and increase the protective properties of the skin, using serums with hyaluronic acid, B vitamins in combination with creams with a high content of ceramides.

How not to make a mistake in choosing a drug

For young patients who are worried about dry skin, they like to tan, but the skin has no visible changes, we choose the drug Organic Novacutan Y… In addition to hyaluronic acid, it also contains amino acids (methionine, phenylalanine, valine, threonine), which will not only restore tissue hydroreserve, but also strengthen the vascular wall, ensure the resistance of cells to ultraviolet rays and prevent oxidative stress.

For patients 30 years and older, with complaints of dry skin, foci of hyperpigmentation and small telangiectasias (vessels), we choose Meso Xanthine, organic Novacutan S in combination with Organic Novacutan Ywhich have a potent composition of hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides, vitamins, coenzymes and amino acids. With the help of this preparation, we help the skin to suppress the synthesis of melanin and prevent the appearance of brighter pigmentation, as well as strengthen the vascular wall. And with the already existing foci of hyperpigmentation and telangiectasia, we will be working using high intensity broadband light on BBL device

Patients 35 years of age and older, with skin without signs of hyperpigmentation, but with complaints of dry skin and fine wrinkles pronounced at the corners of the eyes, cord wrinkles around the mouth; and decreased overall elasticity and tone of the skin. In this case, the drug of choice will be Meso Wharthonroyal lifting “Gialtoks” or biorevitalizer PROFILE

For patients aged 18 to 45 and over with classic aging with edematous deformity, who needs to actively stimulate the lymphatic drainage function of tissues or work with deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne / post-acne elements, there is a clear leader – the drug Hyalu… The choice of a doctor remains only for 1.1%; 1.8 or 2.2. Such a wide range of actions is due to the fact that in addition to hyaluronic acid, sodium succinite (succinic acid) is present in the composition, which, due to its active action on the mitochondria of fibroblasts, provides a powerful regenerating effect by activating biochemical and physiological processes in cells, neutralizing free radicals and stimulating collagen synthesis, thus improving skin microrelief.


It should be understood that the frequency with which the injections should be given is an individual matter. For each patient, the cosmetologist develops a personal treatment regimen, taking into account many factors: the type of drug, the characteristics of the patient’s skin and the severity of the existing shortcomings.

There is no standard scheme for how many times to inject, but a course is still required to achieve the maximum and prolonged effect. At Quantum Qlinic, each patient, before starting the course, undergoes a consultation with a cosmetologist, who not only selects the most suitable drug and calculates the course of injection, but also explains in detail the procedure and gives recommendations for them. skin care after the course.


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